Arien Reed

A survivor and also a Baha'i, invisibly disabled, queer, transgender man, Arien Reed shows through his creative works what it means to overcome PTSD and to contentedly live with an uncommon identity in a resistant and misunderstanding world. With humor and optimism, he explores what it means to find love and happiness despite the many internal and external challenges survivors and people of minoritized and marginalized backgrounds ceaselessly encounter.

Poetry Publications and Awards

"requiem for a scream" won 2nd place in Red Wheelbarrow's 2020 Poetry Prize, is forthcoming in the winter publication, and will be discussed aloud virtually by the author on December 7, 2020

"Oops... I think I caused COVID-19" is forthcoming in Ariel Publishing, LLC

One of Arien's unpublished manuscripts was a 2020 Grayson Books Poetry contest finalist

"There are barbed rose stems" is forthcoming in Sonora Review's anthology on gender-based violence, Fall 2020

"Henry" and "Glass Cage" are forthcoming in the We Don't Break, We Burn Brighter anthology by MindWell Poetry, Fall 2020

"Stay" won an honorable mention in Common Ground Review's 2020 Poetry Contest and will be published in their upcoming issue, 2020

"Rainmaking" won the Ekphrastic Challenge and was published in Issue XX by High Shelf Press, July 2020

"Canvas-19" is forthcoming in a COVID-19 Anthology by Poet's Choice, Summer 2020

"Stroke of Midnight" was published in Beyond Queer Words, an LGBTQ anthology by Beyond Words, July 2020

"Counting Back from 10..." won a commendation in the international 2020 Hippocrates Poetry Prize and was read aloud by the author at a virtual symposium, May 2020

"Wait" was published by What Rough Beast, April 2020

"Silver Swan" and "Proxima" were published by La Piccioletta Barca, February 2020

"Silver Swan" won 4th Place in Writer's Digest 88th Annual Writing Competition for Non-Rhyming Poetry, November 2019

One of Arien's unpublished books of poetry was a finalist in Kore Press's 2019 Poetry Contest

"Words as Weapons of War" won an Honorable Mention in New Writer's Contest and was published by TulipTree Review, June 2019

Poetry Readings

Art Publications

"beauTiful bodies 3: River Eastwood," "beauTiful bodies 5: Aydian Dowling,"  and "beauTiful bodies 8: Andreja Pejic" are forthcoming in Raw Art Review, September 2020

"Self-Portrait as child but with short hair" and "Creations" are forthcoming in High Shelf Press's issue XXI, August 2020

"beauTiful bodies #4: River Eastwood" is forthcoming in Unlimited Literature, 2020

"Roots" was published in Flumes, May 2020

"Transition" was published to J. Mane Gallery, April 2020

"Pre-T" was published to Beyond Words, Spring 2020

"Transition" and "Pre-T" were published to the Infinity Room, April 2020

"Colin Borey," "Desperation," "Fenris," and "Nabil Reed" were published in National University's GNU Journal, Spring & Summer 2017

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