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A Baha'i, queer, transgender man and also a musician, artist, and writer of fiction and poetry, Arien Reed and his husband live off the grid in a small, solar- and generator-powered cabin built by himself, his husband, and his mother-in-law within the Sierra Nevada foothills of California. He voluntarily leads the Fresno/Clovis & Online Writers' Workshops while also volunteering as a board member of Trans-E-Motion, a transgender support, advocacy, and resource organization in Fresno, CA. Despite possessing a largely invisible, physical disability causing him to live in constant mild-to-moderate pain, when not working or volunteering, he can be found practicing mixed martial arts, lifting weights, reading in a field of flowers, dancing to dubstep or k-pop, preforming ballet to death metal, and burning gluten-free desserts in the oven. As a child, his art won local awards under his deadname, and since returning to art in his late twenties, his art recently won a national award under his true name. His poetry has received many international commendations, and his unpublished books of poetry have been shortlisted for multiple awards. He holds a BS in Accounting (Fresno State) with a Minor in Creative Writing (Fresno State), an MFA in Creative Writing (National University), and a Certified Public Accounting license. He is currently pursuing an online education in Mixed Media and Oil Painting through the Milan Art Institute. He recently left his full-time position as a Budget Specialist at Fresno City College to become a stay-at-home nurse to his elderly in-laws for the remainder of their lives, and hopes to also become a trans dad during this time, considering he is already stuck at home providing constant care to family anyway. 

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