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Arien Reed


A Baha'i, transgender man, Arien Reed lives with his husband in a small, solar- and generator-powered cabin he built by hand on Yokut, Chukchansi, and Mi-Wok land in the foothills near Yosemite National Park in California. He volunteers daily as a board member of Trans-E-Motion. Despite chronic pain from scoliosis (a twisted spine), when not working he is a caregiver to his in-laws, and he practices mixed martial arts, lifts weights, and dances. As a child, he won local art awards under his deadname, and since returning to it in his late twenties, his art won a national award under his true name. His poetry has received national and international commendations, been translated in English, Spanish, and Slovak, and his unpublished books of poetry have been shortlisted for multiple awards. He holds a BS in Accounting (Fresno State) with a Minor in Creative Writing (Fresno State), and an MFA in Creative Writing (National University). He is currently pursuing an online education in Mixed Media and Oil Painting through the Milan Art Institute. 

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