Arien Reed

Artist of Diverse Mediums


beauTiful bodies

This collection of studio and digital art is dedicated to honoring recent or historical trans persons who have been impactful on the trans community. By solely featuring trans persons and making the body the focus of his creative efforts, Arien seeks to increase the visibility of trans bodies in the world of visual art and to encourage the public to see the beauty in them, not just the ways in which they differ from cisgender bodies. By featuring historic figures, Arien attempts to combat erasure by recognizing the importance of figures such as Marsha P. Johnson, Sylvia Rivera, and others, and increasing the public's awareness of their existence and their brave contributions to U.S. LGBTQ history. By featuring recent, important figures, he attempts to increase the presence of trans bodies, concerns, and lived experiences within the U.S. national cultural art narrative.

Pieces from this collection will be available for purchase soon. Follow Arien @arienreed to learn about upcoming publications, sales, or works-in-progress.

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