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digital (Photoshop on iPad)

Or commission a work of custom art similar to this one.

Diversity Incarnate (Digital Version)

I made this digital drawing for a client who wanted a painting for their office. But I hadn't thought to ask for a deposit first and they never returned for the painting. But I personally loved the design so much that I started sharing it publicly, and when others loved it, I began making prints and merchandise, and within one summer, I earned the same income from this sketch that I would have on the commissioned painting. Also, I'm simply very proud of how this digital drawing turned out, considering it was one of my first attempts at using photoshop on my partner's iPad mini.

From left to right, this painting features: a Black male-presenting person with dreads, geometric neck tattoos, and a nose piercing; a female-presenting two-spirit person whose wavy hair is somewhat tied back via a pair of symmetrical braids, and an Asian lesbian with a hearing aid. Below them and dripping with many skin-toned paints, are a series of skin-toned butterflies. Flying playfully above their heads are five butterflies in the transgender pride colors of blue-pink-white-pink-blue. Behind them is a rainbow vanishing into the misty clouds surrounding them. Behind all of that is an abstract background featuring various shades of lavender in homage to the Lavender Menace (a wave of feminism that arose during a time when some feminists were excluding lesbians from feminism, much like how some "feminists" are excluding trans women from feminism today).

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