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black and white charcoal on gray paper
11x14 inches

Or commission a work of custom art similar to this one.

Packing (a Sock)

This drawing features a transgender man in a wheelchair packing his trunks with a half-inverted sock.

Silicone packers featuring realistic male anatomy can cost more or less $100, and some cost much more. This cost, or any cost, really, is out of many trans men's budgets, especially for those of color, with disabilities, whom are very old or very young, or whom are living in an especially transphobic area. For this reason, I chose to feature what many of us have to do, or have done for a while--packed our undergarments using a wadded-up sock, or another form of homemade packer. Packing our undergarments allows us to achieve the masculine bulge down below that some, though not all, of us need in order to feel a fuller sense of congruity with our body. While it is not sexy to look at when our clothes come off, and many find it gross or weird to keep a clean sock in our underwear, it is a free and easy alternative for those who no other options, and can help us present as our true gender and therefore keep us safe in certain situations, such as when undressing in gym changing rooms.

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