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black and white charcoal on gray paper
11x14 inches

Or commission a work of custom art similar to this one.


"Tucking" is a drawing of a Peruvian, transgender woman applying tucking tape.

I wanted to beautify the moment many trans AMAB (assigned male at birth) folks know very well. Tucking tape is not reusable, and is therefore not an affordable option for everyday wear, nor is it generally recyclable. It can be uncomfortable to apply, wear, and remove, and some kinds stay in place better than others. But there is no underestimating the gender euphoria it produces in a woman when her body finally achieves that feminine shape and allows her to go swimming or wear tight clothes with less worry of her body betraying the truth of her gender. Far better than duct tape, tucking tape is a beautiful and necessary gender affirming accessory necessary for the freedom and happiness of many trans women around the world.

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